Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

British Columbia, Canada

Photo of a woman with short brown hair and glasses.

Barbara, a retired Home Economics teacher, has a lifelong interest in textiles and embroidery.  She has been involved with a needle and thread since her early childhood when her grandmothers presented her with her very own sewing basket.  

Barbara has been an active participant in the EAC at both her local level and the national level.  She has authored several correspondence courses for the EAC and continues to act as a counsellor for the EAC, and, at the same time, continues to take embroidery courses to further her own knowledge and skills. She and Bonnie-Lynne Ceriko work with younger members - the “Thread Whisperers” – of the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria, helping them to explore the world of threads