Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Perth, Australia

Photo of a woman with short fuchsia hair and glasses.

Dale is a textile artist, teacher and writer. Her work involves hand and machine stitch and mixed media applications. Much of her work is experimental and exploratory and she hopes that she always pushes her creative boundaries. Her work is inspired by colour and texture and things she encounters on her travels. As a teacher she likes to encourage people to explore their own ideas and not to slavishly follow what they see. She has been teaching since 1974. 

She started the Thread Studio in 1995 because she could not buy the threads she wanted to use. Through her business she has been an extensive proponent of textile art in Australia and has broken the boundaries as a pioneer in this arena, helping to move textile art away from the “craft” notion. 

Dale has taught in Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada. She also teaches textile courses through her on-line studio. Dale has been published in many magazines and is the author of five books.