Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Ontario, Canada

Photo of a woman with long dark brown hair

Naomi is a First Nation artisan and educator from Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario. She is actively involved in educating others about the ways of the First Nations people of the Woodlands and Northeastern area from a historical and contemporary perspective often through the story of beads. Her work embraces ancestral designs in the form of bags, adornment and accessories. Naomi designs and creates dimensional and flat beadwork, quill work, sweetgrass or birch bark basket-making and woodlands moose hair embroidery, always valuing these sacred materials through her teachings & creative process. Her design company is called Black Tulip Designs.

Artist’s Statement: Honouring our traditions is my voice within and beyond my Culture and Community. There is no word for “art” in Native languages yet artistry and visual expression are critical in defining who we are as First Nations people. It is this path I wish to exemplify through my teachings and my work.