Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Photo of goldwork triangular flower, leaves and stem on a black background. Three large leaves are in addition to an outlined leaf and three sets of small leaves all attached to the mail stem.201 Louis XVI - Stephanie Bonneau

This class is designed for a student who has some knowledge of goldwork techniques, but would like to improve their technique. The first day will involve assembling the fabric onto the frame, the completion of the prestitching and the application of the pearl purl. The second day involves learning how to stitch the essing with the gold purl and how to make loops with the black bullion.

Written instructions in French can be provided if requested in advance.

Technique: goldwork
Skill Level: basic-intermediate
Pre-work: 1-2 hours to attach padding to the background fabric
Size: 4.75” x 2.5 “(12cm x 6cm)
Kit Cost: $75

Photo of the design with various flower blossoms and berries. Blue, pale pink, purple and yellow, red flowers with blackberries and strawberries surround a diamond with gold background show bright pink flowers and buds with green leaves.202 Illuminated Floral - Alison Cole


This piece is a gorgeous miniature design based on the flowers in a 15th century Illuminated book of hours. It is embroidered over a hand painted satin background fabric in hand dyed Cascade House silks and English metal threads. It is nicknamed the “Miniature for Masochists with a Magnifier.”

Technique: stumpwork, goldwork
Skill Level: all welcome
Pre-work: none
Size: 4” x 4” (12cm x 12cm)
Kit Cost: $98

Photo of the cutwork design on blue linen. The whole design appears as if it were a corner of a larger piece. Upper left is a box encasing a cutwork flower on a black background. Bands in an L- shape show various stitches of cutwork using white and blue thread.203 Bliss - Kathryn Drummond

This Italian cutwork design – perfect for a frame or box top – will be stitched on sea spray (blue) 32 count linen using overdyed silk and perle cottons and embellished with crystal beads and glass delica beads. Some of the techniques used include: four-sided stitch, alternating stem stitch, satin stitch, bullion knots, cutting and securing fabric threads, hemstitching, needleweaving, and bead attachment. Some experience with cutting fabric threads is strongly recommended.

Technique: punto antico (Italian cutwork)
Skill Level: intermediate-advanced
Pre-work: 2-3 hours working the four-sided stitch on the practice piece
Size: 6.25” x 6.25” (16cm x 16 cm)
Kit Cost: $80

Photo of two styles of beaded cuffs in shades of blues and greens.204 Seaside Fantasy Cuff - Diane Mugford


This class provides an intuitive approach to bead embroidery. There are no rules! No patterns! And you don’t need to know how to draw! Using the theme of “seaside”, the beads provided in the kit and your imagination, you will create this cuff style bracelet. You will get beading tips and tricks as you stitch and learn about closures and edgings as you progress.

Technique: bead embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: 1” (2.5cm) wide x wrist length
Kit Cost: $40

Photo of buttons worked on muslin using DMC threads in blues and greys using a variety of surface stitches. The buttons have been encased in Dupioni silk and mounted on linden wood (not included).205 Mirador Andalus - Mike Parr

This design was inspired by a trip through Andalusian Spain. A series of five buttons replicate Moorish and Baroque tile designs that are encountered throughout the region. They are mounted on hand finished linden wood. Finally, they are encased in an embroidered silk matte which serves as a window into antique vistas. Each button, worked on cotton muslin, is completed with no more than 2 or 3 varieties of stitches such as stem, split, or satin stitch. The mirador is worked on cream silk Dupioni for a wonderful contrast with the wood and cotton muslin. Kits include the button forms, assembly tool, all the fabrics, and DMC threads. Note: Linden wood is not included.

Technique: surface embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: overall size - 8.5” x 16” (21cm x 40cm). Each button is 1.2” (3cm) in diameter.
Kit Cost: $45



Photo of dark door added to peeling brown painted background. Embellishment of thread in gold for a handle.206 Old Doors and Openings - Dale Rollerson

Old doors hold secrets - you wonder what they are - historical secrets, old markings, peeling paint, and exotic patterns – often hidden away.  And, of course, openings.

In class, you will paint your own small fabric pieces, create your own papers, melt fabric, use found objects, free-motion machine embroidery, hand stitching with hand dyed threads, use hand dyed felt, machine stitching on paper and fabric, adding paints, inks, crayons and other wonderful ingredients. Then we will cut and link lots of different elements to create a small series of doors which could be framed or hung.

Technique: mixed media, some machine and hand embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: varies
Kit Cost: $75

Photo of needlepoint and string art stitches in blues, purples and red on a canvas background. Centre motif is a star and is surrounded by a wide variety of stitches. A border in purple and blue encases the design.207 Aurora - Lorene Salt


Aurora is an intricate study in string art and needlepoint stitches executed on 18 count white opalescent mono canvas. The colourful design, suitable for a box top, wall hanging, or bag insert, incorporates a generous assortment of different stitches including a 3-layered Amadeus star, a satin stitch Celtic style border, diamond walneto, waffles, sprat’s head, oblong cross braid, Milanese pinwheel, Jessicas and diamond eyelets.  Two newly created stitches – the ginormous sprat’s head and a Jessica filler stitch are also included. The threads used are varied and include: overdyed perle cottons, silks, metallic braid, and others.

Technique: canvas – string art and needlepoint stitches
Skill Level: intermediate
Pre-work: none
Size: 8” x 8” (20cm x 20cm)
Kit Cost: $85

Photo of pincushions on black velveteen fabric with raised beadwork red strawberries in the Woodlands and Northeastern Native beadwork style. White blossoms and green leaves and stems are also included.208 From the Heart Strawberry Pincushion - Naomi Smith


This delightful trilobe heart pincushion finds its roots in the Native beadwork from the Victorian period. The pincushion served a valuable function in early households. This piece is created using fine velveteen and polished cotton generously embroidered with a raised or embossed beaded strawberry design. Raised beadwork is characteristic of Woodlands and Northeastern Native beadwork from the mid-1800s to present day. You are invited to be part of this historical journey – create the Native pincushion for yourself or for a friend using century-old materials and techniques. Traditional Native teachings will be part of the learning experience.

Technique: Native embossed bead embroidery
Skill Level: all levels
Pre-work: none
Size: 5.5” x 5” (14cm x 12.5cm)
Kit Cost: $45

Photo of circular design created with Hardanger rosettes in purple and multicolour threads on a white linen background. Vines and leaves in green and purple surround the centre motif of four motifs.209 Flower Garden - Carol Storie


Enjoy creating this flower garden of Hardanger rosettes (struvor) and blackwork flowers, vines and leaves. You will be stitching on 28 count white Jobelan, using Caron Watercolours, DMC perle cotton #8, Color Variations, and embroidery floss. Students with a basic level of hardanger will be comfortable working on this piece.

Technique: Hardanger and blackwork
Skill Level: intermediate
Pre-work: none
Size: 7.5” x7.5” (19cm x 19cm)
Kit Cost: $30

210 Stitching Only

Enjoy a dedicated room for stitching on your own project(s), the amenities of Seminar and the comradery of fellow stitchers.