Photo of outline of Vancouver Island, with a red thread winding through the land.

Beyond the Edge

EAC Seminar 2019, Victoria, BC

Photo of Russian Doll with yellow headscarf over black hair. The body is a floral bouquet with purple flowers with pink centres and green leaves401 Russian Doll - Kate Barlow

This beautiful Russian doll combines appliqué with silk threads, goldwork techniques and surface stitching on a linen ground. Silk fabrics are applied using appliqué techniques: the face is embroidered in stranded cotton threads before couching her hair in place. Padded satin stitch and silk shading are used to create the flowers and leaves, before embellishing them further with beading. Finally, the goldwork elements are added using gilt and coloured metal wires.  Pearl purl outlines, overstretched pearl purl tendrils, sparkly coloured chipping and couching add the finishing touches to this gorgeous colourful project. 

Technique: appliqué, silk shading, goldwork, surface stitching and beading
Skill Level: advanced-intermediate
Pre-work: none
Size: 7.5” x 5” (19cm x 12.5cm)
Kit Cost: $95

Photo of notebook cover showing examples of the Tudor & Stuart Cap and Coifs. Designs shown are in goldwork with floral motifs.402 Tudor & Stuart Caps and Coifs - Chris Berry

This research notebook course will consider in detail two embroidered accessories of the Tudor and early Stuart period; men’s caps and women’s coifs.

Students will study illustrations of extant caps and coifs in great detail, discussing the designs including the dominant scrolling patterns, secondary floral and animal motifs. Fabric patterns of a typical example of a cap and coif will be made. Stitch samples will be created from four coifs, two in blackwork techniques, one in coloured silk work and one in metal thread work.

Technique: linear blackwork with spangles, coloured silk work, metal thread work and blackwork specking
Skill Level: intermediate-advanced
Pre-work: none
Size: research notebook
Kit Cost: $115

Photo shows a real brown twig with stitched candles hanging as if freshly dipped in gold.403 Dipped in Gold - Natalie Dupuis

East meets west with goldwork materials as students explore threads seen in English and Japanese metalwork embroidery. After transferring the design with the traditional method of prick and pounce, you will be introduced to the medieval technique of Or Nué. The design uses four shades of Japanese filament silks over padded and shinning passing thread to represent hand dipped candles hanging out to dry. When working the branch, you will have the chance to manipulate the metal threads in unconventional ways using a real twig, seed beads and Japanese flat gold painted paper. Warm colours abound in this whimsical design whose ground fabric and size can be decided upon by you.

Instructor can interact with attendees in French.

Technique: goldwork, Or Nué & contemporary metal work
Skill Level: advanced-intermediate
Pre-work: none
Size: 8.5” x 6” (22cm x 15cm)
Kit Cost: $165

Photos of sample showing a book of yellow fabric with a cluster of beads of in green, purple and gold beads forming a tree. A fringe of beads in the same colours is around the edges.404 Exquisite Bead Book - Gail Harker

This miniature work of art showcases a multitude of beading techniques and ways in which beads can be used. Learn to make beaded fabric pages to create a custom-made book using hand painted felt, organza and fusible webbing which will be available in class. The pages will be beaded using different bead techniques including surface bead work, embroidery stitches with beads and bead edgings. Gail’s special stitched binding will be worked by students in class on a mock up book. They will then be able to bind and complete the beaded pages following the class using the example and notes.

Technique: stitching with beads, beading, binding
Skill Level: all
Pre-work: none
Size: 3” x 3” book (8cm x 8cm)
Kit Cost: $35

Photo of a white linen Christmas stocking with bells, leaves and holly stitched in white. There is a cuff at the top of the stocking with room for a name to be added.405 Silver Bells - Barbara M Kershaw


In this 4-day workshop you will create a Christmas stocking on 32-count German linen, with a design that includes five beautiful bells with holly leaves and berries. The bells and leaves are outlined in stem stitch and stems are done in whipped stem stitch. You will learn some intriguing combinations of filling stitches such as cording stitch bars with herringbone and satin stitch, Greek cross with satin stitch diamonds, cording stitch and wave stitch amongst others. You will receive instructions for the finishing of the stocking.

Technique: pulled thread embroidery
Skill Level: intermediate
Pre-work: 10 - 20 hours – put design onto fabric and stem stitch the outline of the bells
Size: 9” x 14.5” (23cm x 37cm)
Kit Cost: $95


Photo of a Steller’s Jay in all shades of blue. The jay sits on a Pacific dogwood branch with the blossoms in cream and yellow.406 Springtime in BC - Sue Sprake

Spring has arrived and the Steller’s jay, the provincial bird of B.C., sits proudly on a branch among the beautiful Pacific dogwood flowers, the provincial flower of B.C. The design has five stumpwork flowers and leaves. There are also flowers stitched directly onto the satin background fabric. The jay is created with a combination of surface stitching and stumpwork.

Technique: stumpwork, long and short stitch shading, padding
Level: advanced-intermediate
Pre-work: 1 hour to mount fabric onto stretcher bars, ready for class
Size: 11” x 8” (28cm x 20cm)
Kit Cost: $75

407 Stitching Only

Enjoy a dedicated room to stitch your own project(s), while enjoying the amenities of Seminar and the comradery of fellow stitchers.