Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Inc.

Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

Stitch-in-Public Day was created to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of EAC. Formed in September 1974, members wanted a way to celebrate the anniversary, and what better way than to promote embroidery and encourage the public to become involved. And that is how "Stitch In Public" was born.

EAC's National Stitch-in-Public Day is held on the last Saturday in September each year. All EAC chapters are encouraged to stitch in public on that day. If your chapter chooses to stitch in public on another day, the Microsoft Word posters can be edited to meet your needs.

2018 - Saturday, September 29

2019 - Saturday, September 28
2020 - Saturday, September 26
2021 - Saturday, September 25
2022 - Saturday, September 24

Graphics, an English and French version of the header and a "stitched" border, are available for you to place into your own documents.

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