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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

By Shirley Mae Collis, Barbara Gilbert & Loletta Hale

The purpose of this course is to teach you to become a teacher in a specific field of embroidery and to become certified as such by EAC. The course is divided into four sections: Required Reading, Course Design, Writing and Research, and Examination. It is an extensive, challenging course with expert advisors assigned to assist the student. A final evaluation is done in a class or workshop of your design, by an evaluator designated by the EAC Education Committee.

Reading is an essential part of this course. There are required readings and subsequent exercises. You will need to use the EAC Leonida Leatherdale Library or the interlibrary loan services available through your local public library. You will be developing an ongoing, annotated bibliography as you work through this program.

It is recommended that you focus your work on one area of embroidery for your course work. You may use previously developed samples or pieces from other courses you have taught. The designs you use must be your own original designs.

You will be expected to write a detailed report or essay based on research you will undertake. This research does not have to be confined to books. You are not expected to be a professional writer; however, your essay must be well written. There will be information included in the course to assist you with writing skills.

You should feel free to correspond at any time — by phone, mail or e-mail — with your counsellor. In fact, it is essential that you maintain contact as the time between evaluations is lengthy.

The Teacher Certificate Programme must be completed within the specified time period of two years. One extension of six months may be granted by the Education Director, but this is not an automatic extension. Evaluations will include both positive and negative comments; there may be requests to submit corrections or additional work if the assignments do not meet EAC expectations.

The development and submission of a “mini lesson” for possible publication in Embroidery Canada is a requirement of the programme.

The course is structured in four parts with several components in each of the parts. There is a final examination, which includes both the practical aspect of teaching a workshop/class you have designed with an evaluator present, and an open book, written examination.


Submission of an embroidery portfolio containing:

  • Completed application form.
  • Résumé, including copies of any certificates, awards, degrees (can include letters of comment or commendation).
  • An advanced EAC correspondence course in your embroidery area of focus or a course considered equivalent by the EAC Education Committee.
  • EAC Design for Embroidery course or equivalent. Formal art training or other accredited courses will be considered by the EAC Education Committee.
  • Five stitched pieces or samples to demonstrate your advanced technical skills in your area of embroidery focus. These samples do not have to be original designs. The Committee is just looking at your stitching expertise in this area of embroidery.
  • Theoretical exercises and samples to demonstrate your understanding of colour and original design. These exercises do not have to include stitched samples.
  • Demonstration of research skills. An in-depth article with a minimum of 2500 words, plus bibliography, on the topic of your choice that you have written based on research.
  • Additional slides or photos of your stitched pieces may be included.

Time: Up to 24 months

Fee: $500 CAD

Note: No refunds once registration is complete.

Teacher Certificate Programme Outline (PDF), opens in a new page.

Teacher Certificate Programme Mail-In Application Form (PDF), opens in a new page.


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Guidelines for Student Levels

Beginner students need guidance in reading stitch patterns or are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the beginner or basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease, have a good understanding of stitch technique; have good understanding of colour and design. Must have taken an intermediate level course in the technique. Must be able to work independently.