Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Inc.

Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

By Joan Phillips; updated by Carolyn Mitchell

This course is designed to give instruction to the beginning Canvaswork stitcher in the following: to learn the basic preparation for Canvaswork stitching, to learn the basic elements of the five main categories of Canvaswork, to learn a wide variety of stitches in the families of straight, diagonal, cross, tied, Florentine and tufted stitches, to begin graphing skills, to begin to develop skills in colour and design, to learn the use of suitable materials used in Canvaswork, to learn the techniques of blocking and finishing this type of embroidery.

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By Connie Wilks; revised by Loletta Hale & Colleen Darling

This course introduces basic level information on five counted thread techniques: Cross stitch, Blackwork, Pulled Thread, Hardanger embroidery and Drawn Thread work. You will gain knowledge of the materials used in these techniques, learn the fundamental concepts and develop an appreciation of the traditional and contemporary uses through practice and research. Small projects with finishing methods in each technique are required.

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By Dorita Grant & Helen McCrindle

This course is designed to teach the beginning Crewel student the fundamentals of this type of embroidery. You will begin to develop skills in stitching the basic stitches; to creatively use these basic stitches; to become familiar with the historical past of Crewel embroidery; to begin applying colour theory for Crewel embroidery; to begin learning the design process for Crewel. A systematic approach is used to learn through a well-designed notebook with several small projects.

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By Janice Routley

This course is designed to teach you, the beginning Metal Thread student, the basic skills in the techniques and handling of the various kinds of metal and metallic threads, and the tools and materials to be used. You will be shown correct methods of transferring pattern to fabric, mounting fabric ready for stitching, mounting finished project and encouraged to use these techniques in a creative manner; to gain a perspective on the historical aspects of Metal Thread embroidery. For the last lesson you will design and stitch a project.

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Guidelines for Student Levels

Beginner students need guidance in reading stitch patterns or are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the beginner or basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease, have a good understanding of stitch technique; have good understanding of colour and design. Must have taken an intermediate level course in the technique. Must be able to work independently.