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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

By Janice Routley

This course will be retired on December 31, 2019

This intermediate level course not only give instructions in various stitches, but encourages independent study of pulled thread stitches. Stitches given in the course are Hedebo Buttonhole Edge, Wave, Window, Reverse Wave, Waffle, Honeycomb, Satin, Faggot, Reverse Faggot, Cross, Greek Cross, Double Back, Ripple and Eyelet.

You are asked to include examples of stitches from your research as well.

A beautiful unique chatelaine in linen is the finished project. You also have the option of stitching the Chatelaine as a sampler.

Materials List

Lessons: 6

Time: 4 months

Fee: 2 Options

Electronic (PDF) $35 CAD

Hardcopy (includes postage) $45 CAD

Note:  No refunds once registration is complete.      This course is available to EAC members only.

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This course will be retired on December 31, 2019 

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Guidelines for Student Levels

Beginner students need guidance in reading stitch patterns or are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the beginner or basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease, have a good understanding of stitch technique; have good understanding of colour and design. Must have taken an intermediate level course in the technique. Must be able to work independently.