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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

EAC Correspondence Courses offer distance learning opportunities to enrolled students in their chosen needlework techniques.  Our Course Registrar will assign a Counsellor to the individual student or group of students.  The Counsellor and student(s) will negotiate the format for submitting completed lesson assignments or projects either by mail or by electronic means through the use of emails with high quality images or photos and attachments. Unfortunately not all techniques can be reviewed properly by your assigned Counsellor through the electronic format.  So the decision on which format required will need to be agreed upon with your assigned Counsellor.  Your Counsellor works with you by means of individual attention and written critiques.

ao delft tile tAs part of the EAC Education Committee, the Education Director and Course Coordinator work together to source and develop new correspondence courses to meet the needs of our members.  Designers can request details to submit proposals for new Project Courses (formerly called Group Correspondence Courses - GCC).  Have you designed a course with clear instructions and stitch diagrams that is not available commercially?  We would like to establish a limited-time partnership with you.  Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  We hope to hear from you soon.  Submission deadline is ongoing.


You may pay by cheque/money order payable to The Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Inc. (EAC), or by PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this method of secure online payment.  Please put your membership number in the Comment box on the PayPal payment form.  For Project Courses with two or more participants, submit one PayPal payment form for the total amount and remit a separate sheet listing all participants information.

For Technique Study Courses (formerly called Individual Correspondence Courses - ICC):  If you would like to proceed with the Binder Review process in order to receive a Certificate of Completion and course pin, you can add $45 to your initial Technique Study Course registration fee (you will be given the choice in the PayPal checkout process).  If you decide to pursue a Binder Review at the end of your completed lesson, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


PayPal Acceptance Mark


Technique Study Courses

Basic level courses offer the fundamentals of the technique in six lessons to be completed over 12 months for a fee of $125.  Intermediate and Advanced levels provide greater in-depth study of the technique to be completed over 18 months for a fee of $160.

If you are registering for a Technique Study Course, you will likely start with the Basic course, before taking the IntermediateCat Tracks 150 course, followed by the Advanced course.  However, you may have developed some skills on your own, so you can challenge which level you start at by contacting the Education Director with a challenge letter providing a complete resum√© of your related experience, skills, and  detailed photos and examples of your original designs and/or published patterns.

Technique Study Course students produce a notebook or binder showcasing their completed  assignments.  The student will complete research, diagrams, samples, a small project with each lesson and a major, student-designed final project in the studied technique.  Your Counsellor will provide valuable critiques following their review of each lesson and your next lesson materials.

Emphasis is placed on skill development and research into historical facts.  Ample room is provided for personal expression in the Basic level while more emphasis is placed on colour and design at the Intermediate and Advanced level courses.

On receipt of payment, the Course Registrar assigns a Counsellor to the student and electronically sends out the Welcome letter indicating the name of their assigned Counsellor with their email, phone number, and mailing address; a suggested completion date; the first two lessons; and various forms that are part of the EAC Educational process.  All subsequent lessons are provided electronically by your assigned Counsellor upon completion of their critique of your lesson.  Agreement must be made between the Counsellor and student on whether electronic transmission of lesson material and photos is acceptable or not.  If the agreement is mailing will be the best means for the Counsellor to accurately and efficiently critique the lessons, all mailing costs are the responsibility of the student.  The student will provide funds to their Counsellor for the return postage as well as provide reusable packaging.

You are reminded that your membership with EAC must be current throughout the course.  Supplies are your responsibility.

No kits are provided by EAC for Technique Study Courses.  Supply lists are included, and time allowed for students to arrange getting the necessary supplies.  Students are encouraged to support their local embroidery shops and to express individual colour preferences.

EAC recognizes that things happen in everyone's life and the above study period may become complicated due to circumstances beyond the student's control.  If that happens, please discuss your unique situation with your Counsellor and together work out a reasonable extension based on your situation. The Education Director can be brought in to assist in the discussion if needed.  If your study period has been extended, your Counsellor will advise the Course Registrar and the Education Director on the agreed extension and new due date.

There are no refunds once the course begins.  Courses not completed in the allotted time do not receive a refund for uncompleted work.  If you withdraw from a course before completion, you will not receive any further lessons as the critique is considered part of the lesson and the Counsellor can only give the critique once the lesson is finished.  As a courtesy, please inform your Counsellor and the Course Registrar of your decision to withdraw from the course.

Postage for the initial mailing from the Course Registrar to the student is included in the registration fee.  All subsequent postal fees are the student's responsibility.  EAC advises that you insure work sent in the mail for a nominal amount so that you have a tracking number in the event of misplaced mail. Failure to provide adequate funds for postage will result in work being returned to you COD.  The student will provide reusable packaging for return of materials and samples.

Note that in addition to the above fees there is an optional Binder Review fee of $45 to cover the cost for the Education Director to return the student's binder(s) and samples.

If the student wants a Binder Review (which enables the student to move to the next level of the technique), the Course Registrar provides the student with the Education Director's mailing address.  The student must mail or deliver the contents from their notebook or binder and all samples and completed projects or designs to the Education Director who completes the final review for the Binder Review and returns all materials received along with a congratulatory letter, a Certificate of Achievement, recognition in Embroidery Canada (providing you have returned the Privacy Statement to the Education Director), and EAC Correspondence Course Pin.

Any student wishing to have their binder(s) on display at the Seminar closest to the time of completion of this study can submit them for display.  The student must complete the necessary Members' Exhibition Entry Form (marking Education as the display category) for the applicable Seminar indicating the number and size of binders to be displayed.  The student will also send a copy of their completed entry form to the Education Director.  All postage costs associated with the mailing and return of the student binders for the Education display during Seminar are the responsibility of the student.

Any student wishing to share high-resolution images of any of their completed samples from their Technique Study Course must be willing to sign a separate privacy statement so the images, course title and student name can be published on the EAC website.

Registration for Technique Study Courses is open to EAC members throughout the year.


Project Courses

The Education Committee may approach an author to write a project course with clear instructions and stitch diagrams that may be owned and copyrighted by EAC.  These are tested before the course is released to the EAC membership.  These copyrighted courses are set at the $35 EAC course fee.  No kits are provided by EAC, but supply lists are included and time allowed for students to arrange getting the neecessary supplies.  Students are encouraged to support their local embroidery shops and to express individual colour preferences.

Members have also indicated that they want to see new course offerings on a regular basis.  EAC has responded to this need by constantly sourcing authors for newly designed projects with clear instructions and stitch diagrams that are not available commercially.  EAC does not have the copyright to these courses; instead EAC "rents or leases" the exclusive right to offer these courses from the author for a period of three years (with a possible extension of two more years if the course has been popular).

Each of these Project Courses has a different fee as you are paying the cost of the booklet/instructions from the author asCleopatra b well as the $35 EAC course fee for electronic delivery or $45 for hardcopy printing and mailing.  Sometimes the author is also wiling to provide a kit with all supplies for an additional kit fee.  The cost quoted in the course promotional sheet or on the EAC Education webpage is the complete price.

The Project Courses can be completed individually or as part of a group, usually 2-12 members.  These projects can be used as a workshop or program within your local Chapter.  These project-oriented courses are offered in a wide variety of embroidery styles ranging from 3 to 12 months in duration.

A group of students (two or more) enrolling in a Project Course are required to either mail one registration form with total amount (each participant is responsible to purchase their own course instructions) and a separate list with all the participants' membership and contact information to the Course Registrar or use PayPal using the same procedures.  The Course Registrar will assign a Counsellor to the group, mail or send electronically the packet to the group leader for distribution, and assign a completion date for the group projects to be submitted to the Counsellor.  Supplies are the responsibility of each student.

When a group registers for this course, one person in each group is designated as Group Leader to set meeting times, to act as a liaison with the assigned Counsellor/Author, to arrange to send the completed projects to the Counsellor for evaluation, and to return the evaluated projects to the group participants.  The Group Leader is not considered to be the teacher, but a fellow participant within the group.  The Group Leader may contact the Counsellor on behalf of the group to request assistance or clarification; an email address is included in the initial package of materials that the group receives.

Agreement must be made between the Counsellor and the student(s) on whether electronic transmission of the completed project through photos and email exchanges is acceptable or not.  If the agreement is mailing will be the best means for the Counsellor to accurately and efficiently critique the completed project(s), all mailing costs are the responsibility of the student.  The student will provide funds to their Counsellor for the return postage as well as provide reusable packaging.

All participants, whether an individual or a group, will register as detailed above or as noted in the "Payment" section.  The Course Registrar willl assign a Counsellor (could be the author), send out the necessary paperwork and forms to the individual or Group Leader.  The individual or Group Leader will work with their assigned Counsellor to complete the project within the established time frame.

Participants are expected to complete the course within the suggested time frame, and extensions are only possible in limited circumstances as approved by the assigned Counsellor.  Make course selections carefully, choosing a timeline that is appropriate for you or your group as no refunds are provided after the course materials have been released.  Students who successfully complete an EAC Project Course will receive an individual critique of their project and a Certificate of Completion from your Counsellor.  Recognition of course completion in Embroidery Canada is available to members who return the Privacy statement to the Education Director.

If participants are purchasing a Project Course but not planning to complete this course until a later date, the student MUST inform the assigned Counsellor and Course Registrar that they do not require a critique.  The student must send this decision to their assigned Counsellor and Course Registrar in advance of their assigned completion date.  This ensures the records are properly maintained on course completions.

All supplies and postal charges to and from the Counsellor are your responsibility.  Failure to provide adequate funds for postage will result in work being returned to you COD.  Counsellors are not responsible for postage costs.

Registration for Project Courses is open to EAC members throughout the year.


Cyber Courses

Cyber Courses are similar to Project Courses.  The advantages are working and sharing with a group that can be close to you or across the country and beyond.  Many of these courses have been taught at Seminars in the past and give other EAC members a chance to participate in doing a Seminar-quality course.ScinSnoflake1

When you register for a Cyber Course, you will have to give your email address or that of a friend who is willing to pass frequent messages to you.  A few weeks before the class starts, you will be invited to join a Yahoo Group by the Online Assistant.  This group will become your shared stitching haven, where you will find and download lessons and pictures from the author; ask questions; share with and encourage your fellow students; and post pictures of your progress.  Your email address and identity will be visible to all participants, including the author and the Online Assistant who coordinates the course.

Admittedly, Yahoo is not a perfectly secure system.  No one on the Education Committee has ever heard of a totally secure system.  Even Canada Post is not perfectly secure - mail can be lost or stolen.  However, Yahoo is free and serviceable, and it has all the features we need.  We have never had any problems with it in the over ten years we have used it for Cyber Courses.

You do not have to set up and use a Yahoo email.  You will be prompted to establish a Yahoo account, but you do not actually have to use it for anything else.  You have the choice of specifying the email address at which you wish to receive communications from the group.  You could establish a separate email account just to use with Yahoo.  You will also be able to choose whether to receive emails from the group as they are posted or in a daily digest, or to read them online on the Yahoo site. 

You can access Yahoo Groups on an iPad, through your browser (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome).

EAC understands that some participants prefer to purchase a kit, so that option will be offered for specific courses if the author is willing to prepare and send out kits.

Once the course starts, the lessons will be posted into the Yahoo Files section of the group according to the schedule set by the author.

After the course is over, the site will be left in place for a few weeks so that students can download anthing they want or need before everything is deleted.  There is no critique or certificate available with the Cyber Courses.

Cyber Courses are meant to be a fun way for you to work with the author and the other students from the comfort of your home, asking questions along the way and sharing photos of your progress.  ONLY the registered participants, author and Online Assistant will have access to the sharing involved in a Cyber Course.  We feel this is a clear advantage and one aspect of the online learning many are adopting.

Cyber Courses have a defined time period for registration and lessons.  They are available only when offered.  Watch for advertising on the EAC website, Embroidery Canada, E Blast and the EAC Blog.


Teacher Certification Programme

The Teacher Certification Programme is offered to assist you to become teachers of embroidery in your chosen field of interest.  The fee for this course is $500.

More information may be found here or by contacting the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Other Important Information


Pictures and descriptions of the distance learning opportunities can be seen in Embroidery Canada, on the EAC website under Education, or in the Presidents' Binder which each guild is issued.  Registration forms are available in every issue of Embroidery Canada.  Registration forms for each distance learning opportunity are also available on the EAC website.  The fee for each distance learning opportunity is noted as listed previously and listed in Canadian funds.  Read the course description to find the cost involved.  The registration form is to be completed and mailed to the Course Registrar.

Course Registration Form

Guideline for Student Levels

Beginners or Basic are those who need guidance in reading stitch patterns or who are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the Beginner or Basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease; have a good understanding of stitch technique; have a good understanding of colour and design.  Must be able to work independently.


Teacher Roster 

List of Counsellors currently on EAC's roster.

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To set up your user account to access Your EAC and the SAMS materials, please send your request to: Communications@eac-acb.ca. Include this information within your email: first and last name, email address, EAC membership number. You will be notified of your username and password by return email.