Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Inc.

Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

This wonderful resource was edited by Janice Routley, Heritage Collection Appointee, and researched and written by Dot From, along with editorial assistance from Linda Lassman, Karen Rowan and Anna Marie Winter.

Please note these are PDF files and may be large files. Check back soon for more heritage samplers.

Introduction to EAC Heritage Samplers Historic St John's Sampler

Eighteenth Century Sampler Hutterite Sampler

Basic Pulled Thread Sampler Embroidery Canada Sampler

EAC Colonial Band Sampler Unique German Sampler

Helen Henderson's Peacock Sampler 1661 Reproduction Sampler

Celtic Sampler A Rowles Sampler

Mary Ann Gaskell Sampler Alice Rowles' Red Sampler

Mary Musgrave Sampler Hannah's Sampler

Mary Williamson Sampler 1905 Norwegian Sampler

Hardanger Intermediate Group Sampler Ethnic Sampler

Heritage Samplers Bibliography and Rowles/Cadwell History

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