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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

By Christine Allan

The Celtic Sampler was created with the idea of it being very versatile.  We will focus on the larger design using Monk's Cloth.  The simplicity of the design lends itself to a variety of decors by changing the colours.  This pattern was inspired by the Celtic & Norse Traditional designs, with a modern twist.  You will learn the basic and popular stitches in Swedish Weaving, while making a functional project.

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By Eleanor Podl

This basic level course will teach you the characteristics of Crazy Patchwork which will be decorated with stitchery, beads, lace, etc., as desired. You will learn how to choose suitable fabrics and threads, beginning colour and design principles used in Crazy Patchwork, the preparation of the fabrics for stitching, a variety of stitches used in this technique, basic beading, cord, and tassel making skills and finishing methods. A small shoulder purse in your colour choices is the finished project.

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By Ingrid Lincoln

You will learn several skills used in stitching Silk Ribbon embroidery: how to thread a needle with a silk ribbon, how to prepare a “fancy” fabric for ribbon embroidery and how to transfer a pattern for this embroidery. Several specialized stitches in three widths of ribbon will be taught. Generic flowers will be made of fabric and when completed, attached to the ground fabric. Four types of roses will be made and used in the project design.

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 By Margaret Vant Erve

This pretty tulip design is an adaptation from a 19th century tile from Delft, Holland, renowned for its distinctive tiles. The embroidery is worked on a beautiful silk wool blend fabric using Soie d’alger silks and gold thread. The student will learn long and short, split and fishbone stitch as well as gold couching.

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By Peggy Kimble

This course is to teach beginner Crewel stitchers the basic fundamentals. You will learn how to mount the fabric ready for stitching, transfer the design to the fabric, choose the appropriate wool threads, needles, colour choice ideas, and wash and block the item. Stitches learned include Stem or Outline, Chain, Split, Herringbone, Buttonhole, Couching, Fishbone, Fly, Satin, Long and Short, Spider, Burden and Palestrina. A traditional Crewel design ready for finishing as a picture or cushion top is the completed project.

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