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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

By Janice Routley

This course is designed to teach the fundamental processes of Metal Thread embroidery to the beginning Metal Thread stitcher. You will learn how to mount the backing and ground fabrics on a frame ready for stitching, a method of transferring the design onto the ground fabric, techniques of couching Japanese gold and using purl, mounting and finishing methods. Your finished project will be ready for framing.

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By Natalie Dupuis

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This beginner level Goldwork course allows students to create a whimsical flashcard of bygone days.  Using coloured cotton and metal threads, students will explore traditional Goldwork materials yet have a refreshingly modern design.  There are variations on the finished design, depending on student preferences.  During the course, students will be guided through the following:  the "window transfer" method of design transfer, couching Pearl Purl and Passing Thread, stretching and wrapping of Pearl Purl, chipping as a way to use Purl, plunging and tying off metal threads, exploring the use of coloured cotton threads to enhance embroidery, and making decisions about which stitches to use.

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By Janice Routley

The design for this course is adapted from a delightful purse held in the EAC Heritage Collection. After reviewing the mounting of fabrics for metal thread embroidery, you will learn a new method of “trace and tack” pattern transfer.

Part of the design is worked in Japanese gold, some with shading. Other design elements are padded and covered with kid leather. Several types of metal threads, such as Jaceron/pearl purl, rococo or crinkle, smooth, rough and check purls, will be worked in the design. Spangles complete the pattern.

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Guideline for Student Levels

Beginners are those who need guidance in reading stitch patterns or who are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the beginner or basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease, have a good understanding of stitch technique; have good understanding of colour and design. Must have taken an intermediate level course in the technique. Must be able to work independently.