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Association canadienne de broderie, Inc.

These are project-oriented courses offered in a wide variety of embroidery styles. The basic level presents a set design in which the fundamental skills of the subject are covered. The intermediate group courses present more complex techniques with encouragement for the student to research and develop ideas to include within the given design. It is hoped that groups of members will stitch these courses together; the courses are, however, open to individual stitchers.

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  CA1272: Cleopatra's Cat




 Bwork Tulips


  CT0331: Spring Tulips



Bwork Smalls


  CT0402: Blackwork Smalls


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 3-month courses *

BBlackwork2 t

4-month courses **

Intermediate Stumpworkt t

6-month courses

intmetal t

1-year course

ao shockwavetn 

 *Three-Month Courses = Six sessions and 12 weeks to complete, except where noted, $35 CAD/person.

**Four-Month Courses = Six sessions and 16 weeks to complete, except where noted, $35 CAD/person. 


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Guideline for Student Levels

Beginners are those who need guidance in reading stitch patterns or who are new to the technique.

Intermediate students understand stitch patterns but may need guidance; have taken this technique or similar one at the beginner or basic level; have a beginning understanding of colour and design.

Advanced students read charts and stitch diagrams with ease, have a good understanding of stitch technique; have good understanding of colour and design. Must have taken an intermediate level course in the technique. Must be able to work independently.